Rope access

The rope access technique for performing an aerial work in a safe and low price

What is the rope access?

About Rope access

What is the rope access?The rope access technology applying the climbing techniques, it is expertise to carry out the work to the hanging rope is fixed to the air.

In still unfamiliar word in Japan, but it is rare to actually eye for skilled in the art less with professional technology, it is aerial of technology that is popular in Europe and the United States.

Rope access many benefits in terms of cost, it is a means of high mobility aerial but, In implementing, requires know-how of advanced technology and safety measures.

Equipment of rope access technology is similar to the look of rock climbing equipment, but those that have been developed to more secure and reliable rope access only.

The secret of low-cost?

Rope access.The secret of low-cost.In the estimate, such as outer wall repair, actual is higher scaffold erection cost than construction amount, not uncommon that.

The rope access technology, and scaffolding erection work to push up labor costs, due to the unnecessary arrange Aerial, you can significantly cut the cost.

Rope access.The secret of low-cost.

Professional, pioneer lab of Aerial

Professional, pioneer lab of AerialTo do to secure an aerial work, you need both of freely move technology in technology and high altitude of business itself.

Our staff is a high place of specialists with a rock climbing technology.

In addition with the architect of qualification, it is also an expert in building and that you are familiar with the site.

Danger is accompanied by, a variety of aerial work a variety of business knowledge is required, and the performed safely and reliably, because there is a high capacity of such staff.

There are other Benefits

There is no construction period of limitation, allows flexible construction plan
As in the case of performing the scaffolding erection work, because there is no be chased by scaffolding dismantling schedule, you can flexibly respond to the construction period of the extension and additional construction.
Is less burden on the residents
And built a scaffolding outside the entrance and windows, it is gone covered with curing sheet, it will have a significant obstacle to the lives of residents. In the case of the store, it does not adversely impact in sales. Burden of because the rope swing work only to only rope-consuming work place to residents rarely.
No worry on crime prevention
In construction site, theft incident that enters through the window using the scaffolding has frequently. The rope access work that does not install the scaffolding, such worry is useless.
Small construction and partial construction freedom
Because of their scaffolding erection unnecessary, can be mounted aerial at a reasonable cost, even if you want to study and work only part of the small-scale construction and outer wall.